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UPDATE 4.16.2013

Our first scheduled game day is Sunday, 4.21.2013 at 10:00am.

Be on time and be ready with your gear.  We highly suggest busting out the silicone lube spray and keeping your seals and O rings well lubed.  If you bought new mid cap mags in the off season make sure you load and unload them a number of times to 'break them in'.

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​4.17.2013:  National Rifle Association (NRA) to hold an airsoft event.  Details Here.

4.17.2013:  Vega Force Company (VFC) is releasing a HK417 GBBR replica. Officially licensed through Umarex, with authentic Heckler and Koch trademarks, the HK417 will also feature a reinforced bolt, increasing both durability and felt recoil. Expect a release date to come soon.